Navalai River Resort

We’re in Japan now, but Heidi and I spent the last few days at the Navalai River Resort in Bangkok.

It’s on the Chao Phraya in “The Old Siam” area of Bangkok, which is a bit touristy (particularly Khao San Road), but with some classy places moving in (such as the Navalai!).

The Navalai website is pretty awesome as well. Everything on it is true. For example, Heidi and I totally did:

Enjoy the optimize of the relaxation, the hip design and the desire of the perfection.

The coolest thing about the location of the hotel was that there was a riverboat station at the back, and it was easy to go down to Sathorn and hop onto the BTS Skytrain to head down to Silom or Siam Square (where I picked up some cool shirts).

Here’s a view from our hotel room:


It was also pretty close to Chinatown and the wedding shop… which I’ll post about next. 😉