Gettin’ Rough

“Gettin’ Rough” was my favourite Dinosaur Jr song for a while. I wasn’t a big fan of the Hand it Over album, but this song stood out to me (it’s the banjo).

There’s no official music video (that I’m aware of). The only video I could find featuring the song was this skating video:

I used to be really into Dinosaur Jr and the songs that I still like tend to be the softer ones (rather than the crazy high-distortion extended guitar solo ones, which I can still enjoy depending on mood).

I saw J Mascis play during his solo tour before Dinosaur Jr reformed. He had this sort of layered style using an acoustic guitar with pickup, and various effects pedals for distortion and looping. Personally, I think this was some of his best work. Quick cuts from soft strumming to shrill solos make for interesting pacing and constrast.

Here’s J playing “Ammaring” during that period:

Trivial notes on Trivia Night

Just making a few trivial notes on the (very) recent Videogame Trivia Night. Look for a full event write-up over at Let’s Make Games in the next few days.

I felt that things went very well. There was a great turn-out and people were kept happy with an abundance of bar prizes courtesy of WALAN. It’s always difficult to run a trivia night on such a niche topic, but I guess it just means that you attract a certain niche of people. Those that loved it seemed to really love it.

Here are a few nice things that stood out to me:

  • Sid Meier’s Quiz Night, the winning team from the last (OneTwenty) trivia night, returned to claim 3rd prize!
  • People seemed to love our snacks, especially Pocky and Hello Panda.
  • A lot of people managed to answer our HARDCORE questions correctly!

There are a few things that we will need to iron out next time. Here’s a brief list of things we should change, and how we could change them:

  • Pizza collection took ages and was a lot of work. Next time we should aim to book a venue with a staffed kitchen.
  • Marking took ages at half-time. We should create more answer sheets and collect and mark them more frequently with more volunteers.
  • Drinks are nice, but there could be more variety in prizes. We should aim for more random giveaways such as snacks, games, or videogame books.
  • The presenter (me!) was a little distracted at the start. I should get things sorted out earlier and have a practice run at the venue!

A lot of the above came about by virtue of it being our first trivia event as a team, and our organising it on rather short notice. We contemplated pushing the event to July, but we were all really keen to have a big event in June.

Thanks to Minh, Dan, and Anthony for all their hard work making this event happen. Thanks to all the volunteers on the night who helped setup and cleanup. Finally, thanks to our sponsors and to everyone who came along!

I get the feeling that we will be making this an annual event. 😉

Update: One last thing we need to do next time is make sure that we have someone taking photos! If you have any please let me know!