Gettin’ Rough

“Gettin’ Rough” was my favourite Dinosaur Jr song for a while. I wasn’t a big fan of the Hand it Over album, but this song stood out to me (it’s the banjo).

There’s no official music video (that I’m aware of). The only video I could find featuring the song was this skating video:

I used to be really into Dinosaur Jr and the songs that I still like tend to be the softer ones (rather than the crazy high-distortion extended guitar solo ones, which I can still enjoy depending on mood).

I saw J Mascis play during his solo tour before Dinosaur Jr reformed. He had this sort of layered style using an acoustic guitar with pickup, and various effects pedals for distortion and looping. Personally, I think this was some of his best work. Quick cuts from soft strumming to shrill solos make for interesting pacing and constrast.

Here’s J playing “Ammaring” during that period: