Day 8: Transform an old book

Transform an old book into something new by cutting, folding, gluing and  so on.

We don’t really have any old books that we could transform, so I used a WASO booklet that Amelia grabbed from the coffee table and proceeded to bend, nibble, and gnaw.

The inside cover features a wide shot of the orchestra standing to attendance, and I wanted to try making some of the figures actually stand out from the page.

So I cut:


And folded:

DSCF9535I like how it kind of… flattens out the perspective effect – making it look like there are giants  amongst normal-sized people. It reminds me of The Lord of the Rings films.

I haven’t really mentioned it much before, but I’m keen to make papercraft-based games and this exercise has shown me that I could probably use very simple cuts and folds to create layered environments suitable for simple scenes. Good stuff.