Day 9: Make something with your breakfast

Make something with your breakfast before you eat it.

By the time I read today’s inspiration, I had already eaten breakfast (a couple of pieces of toast and a nectarine).

Rather than miss a day, I figured that it was time to bend the rules again. I initially thought that I would recreate my entire breakfast in papercraft, but then decided to just focus on one element of it: a nectarine.

I’ve previously use multiple scans to produce papercraft versions of real objects, but I’ve noted that cutting an object before scanning it might yield better results. Bearing that in mind, I peeled a nectarine so that the surface would lay flat on the scanner:


I then scanned it (covering sections with white paper to improve the colour reproduction – hopefully) and cut it out with some improvised tabs:



Then it was a matter of using double-sided adhesive tape (an a handy applicator) to roll up the side and hold it in a 3D shape:


Finally, it was ready to join the fruit basket. 🙂

DSCF9549Here are all the process shots:

I did eat the nectarine at the end. The real one, not the papercraft version.