Yet another DS redesign

I’m beginning to think creating DS redesigns is my only real form of relaxation.

I’ve been thinking of different ways to hide the controls. The flip-out and slider ideas were pretty obvious, but I wanted to try a rotation-based design. Based on the small amount of other consumer goods that use rotation (I can only think of a Motorola mobile phone) I figure that it’s fairly difficult to come up with something that would work.

Aside from the rotation, the rest of the design is clearly iPod inspired. I like how the screens on the new iPods are pretty much invisible when not illuminated and thought that something similar could make be used to “hide” one of the DS screens when not in use.

A few more notes. The stylus, power, volume, headphone jack, and DS game card (/SD card) slot are at the top of the unit. Recharge port is at the bottom (so that a charging cradle could be used). Since DS has wifi, this could be used as a streaming media viewer.

This is the original version had a couple of things wrong with it. Since the current DS touchpad can only pick up one contact at a time, the “gameboy advance game with virtual controls” is highly unlikely. Also, the screens were supposedly completely invisible when not turned on. This was probably a little too perfect.

8 thoughts on “Yet another DS redesign”

  1. That truly is an awesome idea. Out of all the mockups that appear on the internet, it’s good to actually see one that has a good theory behind its design. After seeing DS Lite, i’m kind of underwhelmed by it now, heh. Wish Ninty had come up with something like this instead, i’ve always thought the design of the ds (button layout etc.) is too standard for what the console is about. And flipping the d-ped etc away for touch-screen only games is perfect.

  2. I love this design, very original and completley awesome. I think you should contact Nintendo or e-mail them with this design before they release the DS lite. I would pay 300$ for this thing because this would blow the iPod and the PSP out of the water, even though the DS is already killing the PSP.

    You are truly one great designer and I think you should really try to make one of your designs a reality. You have a lot of imagination, especially with those ” virtual controls. ” I don’t think even Nintendo would have thought of that.

    I am sure this would sell like crazy. This is the PSP x200.

    I say you e-mail/call Nintendo, who knows this might be the Gameboy Micro for the DS lineup.

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