Hideo Kojima confirmed for GO3!

David just called me with this incredible news: Konami has just confirmed that Hideo Kojima will be speaking at the GO3 conference! No details are yet available on the GO3 website, but a picture and bio should appear shortly after they are received from Konami.

This is huge news for the conference and Perth as Kojima is a prominent figure in the game industry. Many western gamers probably came to know of Kojima after playing Metal Gear Solid, which was a landmark title for the original Playstation. I’m ecstatic! This is a unique opportunity for game developers (or aspiring game developers) in Australia to see Kojima speak.

Note: In related news, a preliminary schedule for the GO3 conference is now online (not yet including Kojima), and the Early Bird registration period has been extended to February 15. There is also a new Student Budget Pass available (made possible by making catering optional).

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