Last day for guided tour of Japan

Today is the last day that I will be manning the Snapshot Exhibition, so it’s a good day to stop by and check out my of photos of Japan!

The exhibition is at kindly hosted by YMCA Headquarters in Leederville, and I’ll be there from 10am to 4pm.

Opening night was last Friday, and there was a fantastic turnout. People were kind enough to move through at a steady pace to ensure that everyone could see everything, and there were quite a lot of sales.

Here’s a photo from the night:


My motivation for this exhibition was to express my travel experience in Japan in a fairly concentrated format. I wanted to create something that people could look at and think “oh that’s…!” if they have been there or “what is that?” if they hadn’t.

It was great talking to people on the night. Scott (who lived in Japan for some time) said something like “it’s like you have picked my brain for memories” and many people expressed that certain photos were “structured and layered, yet natural” or “very modern” or “very traditional”… which is how I feel about Japan. There is a story behind each piece, and I’ll be free today to talk more about them.

Simon manned the exhibition yesterday and it was very quiet, so please drop by for a little while today!

Today is also that last day that we will be processing sales at the venue, so it’s also a good day to stop by if you are interested in purchasing any of our pieces (mine or Simon’s).

Update: Left a little early because YMCA wanted to closed up (sorry if we missed you!).

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