Kinematic sculpture in Flash

While musing over GameJam, I made this basic flash program to explore an idea. Here it is:


  • Keypad ‘up’ to increase counter-clockwise rotation
  • Keypad ‘down’ to increase clockwise rotation

Note: for some reason it takes a little while for one of the legs to pop into place.

I was originally inspired by the clockwork horse kinematic sculpture which I saw a video of. The final design is more directly based on this video of a matlab simulation of one of Theo Jansen‘s fundamental Strandbeest designs.

The theme for the current GameJam is “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” and one of the following three words must be used: “sheep”, “scorched”, and “reflection”.

I imagined: a mechanical sheep walking along a beach, collecting other sheep as it gathers pace; the reflection in the water indicating wolves in sheeps’ clothing (to be avoided); the total score being a count of footsteps taken (rather than overall distance). The more sheep the more footsteps.

I’m not sure if I will take this any further.