Friends (game design)

I’m not taking part in the current GameJam since I have other things currently occupying my time (eg. getting married in Thailand). However, I did document a design for the game that sprung to mind when I heard the theme.

That is:

  • The quote “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” and (any two of) the words: “Sheep”, “Scorched”, and “Reflection”.

I immediately imagined a screen split in two, with the bottom half being a pseudo-reflection of the top (conveying slightly different information). An animal running along the line between the two, gathering friends and avoiding enemies. Finally, the score would be the number of steps taken on the journey (distance counts, but the number of feet, hence friends, would be more important).

That was the general idea. I refined it from there to integrate the “Sheep” theme.

Here’s a point-by-point design:

  1. You see a rainbow behind a field with a black sheep near a stream.
  2. The black sheep walks to the right; You can move it vertically.
  3. Sheep are grazing; When near a sheep, they follow it.
  4. A grazing sheep may be a wolf in disguise; Try to avoid it!
  5. If a sheep is killed by the wolf, it becomes a cloud. (So fluffy!)
  6. When there are too many clouds, it begins to rain. (Game over!)
  7. A rainbow appears. Its size relates to the peak size of the herd.

And here are some graphics that I threw together in Inkscape.



A wolf-in-sheeps’-clothing:


An entire scene (weird aspect ratio I know); click for larger version:


If anybody wants the SVG file with these graphics let me know. I’m not sure that this game is interesting enough to invest time into making it, but maybe the graphics are useful.

Good luck to everyone in GameJam! 😉