I just returned from my trip to Thailand (where Heidi and I got married) and Korea (where we honeymooned).

It was an absolutely fantastic experience which I’ll post more about in the next few days/weeks. For now, here are some choice photos from the water pouring ceremony and wedding banquet…

At an auspicious time, we exchanged rings. Check out the new bling (yeah!):


My mum joined us with blessed string (prepared during the morning ceremony) and painted our foreheads:


After the banquet, the moment that Heidi had been eagerly awaiting… time to cut the wedding cake with a sword!:


We managed to catch a moment alone (well, aside from the photographers) as we headed out to pose for photos with everyone:


Our wedding photographers were very energetic and professional. When they saw us mucking around they suggested some fun shots like this one of Heidi laying the boot in:


That’s all that I will post here for now. Phat Studio (our wedding photographers) have an online gallery and we have even more photos for those interested.

Thanks to all friends and family for making the wedding (and preceding week) such a warm and memorable experience.

7 thoughts on “Married!”

  1. Haha, congrats again. Oops, didn’t realise I was still in shot with the crazy fish-eye… and quite obviously, too. The false perspective makes it look like I’m being ‘that guy’ again.

  2. Wow Awesome Photos Nick! I want to see more!! I will exchange for the safe return of your wedding album 😛

    We can always photoshop you out or something Simon 🙂

    Thanks everyone for such a great time in Thailand. It was a blast!

  3. Thanks all. 🙂

    Simon: I hate to be the one to break it to you… but I think that you are now officially “that guy”… it’s twice now… two points make a line. 😉

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