Jellychick revisited

Here’s a picture I drew (… keep reading for an explanation why!):

Some of you will already know that a couple of years ago, I was at Good One BBQ when Greg ordered the Jellyfish Chicken Salad (see this post over at Chow Times for a picture). I was very interested in the combination of meats and I mused as to whether some sort of jellyfish/chicken hybrid could be bred specifically for this dish. This inevitably lead to a t-shirt design (which is incidentally available for purchase).

Fast forward to a few months ago in Thailand when my sister was buying up the country’s entire stock (note slight hyperbole here) of Bad Badtz Maru character merchandise. I figured that if an angry penguin could become such a big hit (he’s a little maligned compared to other Sanrio characters, but still popular enough) then Jellychick should have a chance at stardom!

My mum, my sister, and Titie Lalita were all skeptical that such an abomination could ever be cute – so I drew this quick conceptual representation on a napkin:

Looking at that adorable, poorly-drawn face… they became ever so slightly swayed towards believing that Jellychick could have a future in: novelty stationary, stuffed toys, sleeping bags, in-car air-fresheners, and all sorts of other random merchandise! Hopefully with this new image, I’ll have them convinced. 😉

Next step: I need to make some sample Jellychick product… maybe something that dangles from a mobile phone… any ideas?

6 thoughts on “Jellychick revisited”

  1. OK, I think I’m finally gonna buy one of those shirts. Partly because I’m really hungry right now. Know anything about sizing and p+p?

  2. Shouldn’t that be Jelly Rooster? :>
    Also there’s a line with black stroke at the top of the tentacles.

    Apparently Jason’s Redbubble shirts were a bit balls :/
    He said the ink bled a little and the colours were fail, and thought the ink bleed might’ve been due to it being on a white shirt though.

  3. Fixed weird black line; thanks for heads-up.

    I’m sticking to Jellychicken though… I don’t think chicken is gender-specific… since the female chicken is a hen… plus, Jellyrooster doesn’t have the same ring to it!. 😛

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