Finally back online (in Albany!)

Heidi and I moved down to Albany on the weekend and we’ve just got online. Yay!

The hospital where Heidi works has arranged for a great little apartment for us. It’s fully furnished and equipped (so we were able to just drive down with clothes, computers, etc.) and we’re able to keep cats! It also has a good view of Albany (although the ocean view is blocked by a tree).

The view from our apartment:

Brucey Goosey looking rather vacant:

Princess Mao Mao:

Gosh, these images took a while to upload. The Internet connection is only 512kbps (around 3% of the speed we’re used to). Hopefully we can arrange for something faster. πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Finally back online (in Albany!)”

  1. Beautiful town Albany, was there before christmas working at the UWA campus.

    Can recommend Cosi’s for Breakfast, Rustlers for Steak, Earl of Spencer for Beer and Whale World for the touristy thing.

    You guys down there for long? I may end up there again during the year.


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