Places to stay in Singapore

Anyone have recommendations for places to stay in Singapore?

Heidi and I will most likely be there for a few days in May (on our way back from Thailand). Looking for nice but not too fancy (what’s that? 3-4 stars) in a good location (walking distance or good access to public transport).

In related news… any recommendations for Beijing? (I might be there in June)

Update: I’m all caught up on Singaporean history thanks to this:

2 thoughts on “Places to stay in Singapore”

  1. I stayed on the fifth ring road north of Beijing in a resort built around hot springs, which was really nice and close to the touristy spots but I wouldn’t recommend it because the taxi ride in and out of the city centre is a nightmare (unless you make friends with PhD students).

    If you get stuck looking for places in Singapore, just send me a message and I will ask my kids – I know about 20-25 locals that are currently at home and they will all have recommendations. I hate Orchard road so if it were me, I would try for a less expensive place in/around Suntec just for the location.

  2. We stayed at Ibis hotel on Bencoolen Street. Singapore’s quite small though so you won’t have much trouble getting around.

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