Japanese dinner (recipes)

Heidi bought some eggplant and pork belly the other day (I love you Heidi) and I’ve been looking forward to cooking up some Buta no Kakuni and Nasu Dengaku. We penned it in for dinner tomorrow and the wait has been excruciating.

Just look at what I’m waiting for (image from Just Hungry):

I searched for recipes online (I love you Internet) and for the last fews days I’ve had a few browser tabs open – taunting me with their succulent imagery while I wait for our Wednesday dinner date with friends.

We put together a menu for the evening, based on our favourite foods and constrained by what we’ve been able to find here in Albany:

I’m not sure if it’s de rigeur, but chances are that I’m going to plaster this stuff (or at least one bite) with hot English mustard. It just feels like the right thing to do.

2 thoughts on “Japanese dinner (recipes)”

  1. I love dengaku – they used to do it in Bonsai in Leederville. I wonder if that place is still around. I have had some successful attempts at home, but not for years. Something about the sweet, salty and smoky flavour that I love. You don’t even need to fry it in oil to get that crisp outside and silky soft and gooey inside. Am I making it worse?

  2. I used to really enjoy dangaku at both Bonsai and Ramen Noodle House!

    (deep breath)

    I want some now, but I can wait until tomorrow. Although I’m going to be so disappointed if it doesn’t work out!

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