Sketches from a group trip to Perth Zoo

I went to my first “The sketch group for sketching. As a group. In Perth” meetup on Saturday. It was at the Perth Zoo, and it was totally awesome!

Here are some photos of my sketchbook:

My basic process was: fine line work using an Artline 200, followed by thicker lines using a Sharpie, and then shading using a 2B pencil. I think it worked out well. In regards to the actual sketches, the rhino is probably my favourite. After that the ghost bat eating a mouse, and then the zebra (although the head is a little big).

Simon and Jenna (the event organiser; thanks!) have also put some of their sketches online. It’s interesting to see how different people approach the same subject matter, and I feel that there is a lot I can learn at these events. 😉

Note: The photos are slightly amber due to lighting. They were originally even more orange, but I desaturated them a little using a command I picked up from Suovainaja’s blog post on using mogrify:

mogrify -modulate 100,50,100 *