Looking for collaborators to reproduce “Please Do Not Enter” in Perth

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I’m looking for collaborators interesting in helping me reproduce “Please Do Not Enter” here in Perth:

For a basic reproduction, I will need:

  1. A security guard: Amiable and willing to memorise and repeat specified lines
  2. A venue: An exhibition space housing other works with a large empty space
  3. Materials: Packing materials, a yellow bin, a sign, and a rope safety barrier

For a fully-realised reproduction, in addition to the above I will require:

  1. A funding partner: Able to cover associated costs
  2. A travel partner: Able to fly participants to Perth from the US
  3. An advertising/promotional partner: To get behind this project

“Please Do Not Enter” has been described as:

A good comment on the disposable American society.


Absolutely brilliant. There is so much debate about what is — and isn’t — art… It’s a conversation between two people on opposite sides of the issue

Another reaction:

Wow. I didn’t see all that.

Given the global impact of exported American culture, I feel that the social commentary made by “Please Do Not Enter” is pertinent within a contemporary Western Australian context. Moreover, the piece has a modern cultural reference which will resonate with the general public.

If this project achieves a high level of support, I would like to get the original materials and participants (chiefly the security guard from the original installation at the Smithsonian American Art Museum). I would also like to invite the original artist to comment on their work.

Let’s work together to make this a reality. I only require a few key partners to produce a referential reproduction, but major partners such as the Department for Culture and the Arts, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Qantas, and Youtube could make this happen on an unprecedented scale.

Please contact me directly if you are able to help and would like to get involved.