My wife is pregnant

“My wife is pregnant.” Just reading those words aloud makes me feel… very grown up I suppose… and happy obviously… and reflective.

Heidi fell pregnant around 20 weeks ago, but we didn’t say much about it to anyone outside of family and close friends. We wanted to wait until the initial anatomy scans to be sure that the pregnancy was viable.

Now everything is looking good. Ten fingers, ten toes, good growth, all normal. I think that she looks just like me, but Heidi doesn’t seem so convinced yet.

Expecting a baby has motivated me to consider what they may pick-up from my day-to-day interactions. I figure that you can tell a child how to behave all you want, but they will ultimately learn by watching you.

I hope she learns to be bold, focussed, respectful, assertive, healthy, considerate, and happy. I think we’re pretty close to that in our lives… although we could do with getting rid of some boxes, and organising our meals better.

Beyond that I think about what sort of life I want her to have. Living in different places helps you become well-rounded. I think “maybe we should plan for relocation after a few years”… and then I stop thinking so much.

We’re so fortunate that we’re able to be concerned about such minor things. She’ll have a home and parents that love her. She’ll be fine.

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