Making videos of OpenGL programs

I saw Jim’s XG page and Jason’s plant animation page and thought that you guys might be interested in some GL video stuff that I’ve been working on (around half-way down the linked page). It makes it *much* easier to make movies for publications (or the wiki page!).

2 thoughts on “Making videos of OpenGL programs”

  1. Very cool. I’ll definately try this out.

    At one stage I was planning to put together a short work for the SIGGRAPHperth showreel. I may have missed the deadline, but even so, it would be cool to see short excerpts of interesting work set to Zyberflux music.

    I dont have enough work to do anything very cool myself, but a combined onetwenty video might be cool.

    Still very pie-in-the-sky, but if I decide to have a go and need more content, I might hit you guys up for some.

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