E3 predictions

Just a few random predictions for E3.


  • Nintendo announces that a standard set of network-capable mini-games (like table tennis) will come bundled with the Wii to introduce people to the controller and Nintendo Wifi Connection.
  • Sega announces that a selection of popular Dreamcast games will be available on Xbox360 Live Arcade.

Unlikely (Or are they? Yes, yes they are):

  • Microsoft will release a smaller version of the Xbox360 for the Japan market re-launch. The “Xbox360 S” will use the new smaller (and cooler) CPU and also have integrated HD-DVD. Microsoft assures the Western world that these are only for Japan (but actually plans for the Xbox360 S to eventually become the standard model world-wide).
  • An intrepet journalist will reveal that all those Nintendothemed amateur videos on the net were part of a viral marketing campaign to foster interest in the classic games on Wii’s virtual console.

Ridiculously Unlikely:

  • The final version of the PS3 controller is revealed! It consists of a remote control type device with motion and position sensors, and a joystick that can be attached via a cable in a sort of nunchuku-style.. scratch that, I’m sure it will be more innovative… the two components will be connected wirelessly!
  • The XboxMove handheld is announced and I recieve a whopping great design royalty cheque in the mail… wait a second, this is Microsoft… I recieve a court order to cease and desist any mention of the XboxMove!
  • Nintendo announces that the Wii moniker is just a joke. šŸ˜›

Thoughts? Anyone else have predictions?