“Spider” video game development

A number of the members of OneTwenty are working on a simple video game entry for next year’s Nullarbor Demo Party and Game Development Competition (which we are also helping to organise). Minh recently made a Call to Arms on her new blog.

The game is (tentatively) called “Spider” and will be a simple 2D game in which you control a spider, keeping it alive (hopefully) long enough for it to reproduce. The design document is pretty (okay, very) sparse at the moment. I have to send Minh the drawings I made for the Nullarbor Mixer last month.

Here’s a spider video for inspiration. It explains the effects of various drugs on the types of webs that spiders make… and it’s very insightful. This phenomenon is detailed on the Wikipedia spider web page. Photos of various webs are available here.

Video found via reddit.

5 thoughts on ““Spider” video game development”

  1. The video is a satirical takeoff of “Hinterland’s Who’s Who” which was a Canadian series of short fillers that the National Film Board produced in the Seventies. All Canadians my age are, as a result, shockingly well-informed about the plight of the black-footed marmot, etc.

  2. Hey, the spider game idea sounds cool. I just posted the same YouTube video on my blog; didn’t see that you’d already posted it. It’s hilarious!

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