Wikipedia corrections in motion

Wikipedia is “the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit“. As a result, it has at times come under pretty heavy criticism for being very subjective compared to traditional encyclopedias. To counter this argument, many Wikipedia die-hards assert that opinions and inappropriate content are quickly removed.

I’ve collected here a few screenshots, links, and fake quotations (my guess as to the thought process behind various Wikipedia contributions) illustrating the introduction and subsequent removal of casual subjectivity on a Wikipedia article.


Hmmm. I’ll add my personal opinion to this article… is that wrong? I know I’ll add a smilie so that people aren’t offended.


What’s with that smilie? How immature. I’ll fix this article up!… that’s how you spell definitely right?


What the hell is that?! Stupid immature people screwing around with my Wikipedia! If this happens again, I’ll block their asses!

So it seems that for every person who wants to write “OMG! He is so totally awesome!” on the Wikipedia page of their favourite celebrity, there is some finger-wagger waiting to pounce! Let’s hear it for the finger-waggers! (Seriously)

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