4 thoughts on “The future of copyright”

  1. More like “we reserve the right to permanently remove optical devices involved in copyright infringement.”

    “Hello. Uhh, can we have your eyes?”
    “My what?”
    “Your eyes. It’s a large, ehh, spherical organ in your head. You have two of them. You know, it’s uh, –it’s white-pink. It’s sort of, uhh—”
    “Yeah, I know what it is, but… I’m using them!”
    “Come on, sir.”
    “Hey, hey, stop!”
    “Don’t muck us about.”
    “Stop, hey, stop it!’
    “What this then, mmh?”
    “Uh… illegal movies?”
    “Need we say more?”

  2. I wonder how people would take copyright and EULA style conditions on other purchases.

    Imagine buying a shirt and when you open the bag a piece of paper drops out: “This item is for personal home use only. Unauthorised lending, renting, or resale is strictly prohibited.” Pfft!

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