Conclusion… blackmail?

I came home today to find an unfamiliar pair of sunglasses on the side table in the hall (near where I put my hat and gloves) and a single roll of film placed standing on my desk. Heidi was nowhere to be seen, and the house was eerily quiet… I came to the obvious conclusion: Blackmail!

While mulling over what could be on the film (so that I could decide whether or not to get it developed at the nearby chemist), Heidi called. Apparently the glasses belong to her brother (who visited today), and the film is hers. I suppose that explains everything: They must be in on it together!

I was a little surprised that Heidi would be seeing me as a ruse in order to gather some dirt on me (she seems so genuine). Finally, I decided that it probably isn’t blackmail… (if it were she would keep the film and send photos instead.)

4 thoughts on “Conclusion… blackmail?”

  1. I get the feeling that you would like to be blackmailed…

    Cause I know a certain unemployed handyman, with a large blue crowbar and a lack of morals…

    How much would you pay to get your wii back?

  2. Hahaha

    Don’t stress. I forgot to insert

    “Unmotivated” or “Lazy” or “To surly to climb three flights of stairs”

    before “Unemployed Handyman”

    Plus, I can’t find my crowbar oil.

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