Back from the snow

So I finally went on that snowboarding trip I’ve been talking about. It actually turned out to be a bit of a family reunion and ski trip as well (pretty different to the last time I visited Thredbo).

I flew into Canberra and stayed with my brother for a few days, and we drove up to Jindabyne together. We met up with Khan in Jindabyne, and he gave us a ride into Thredbo where my sister was staying.

I was a little apprehensive about the snow because it was so late in the season (our third day was the first day of Spring). Also, the guy at the snow supplies store was a little too assuring that the snow was still good… which made we wonder if it wasn’t really.

I borrowed Khan’s snowboard for our first full day in the snow. Just after we bought our lift passes and headed down our first practise run at “Easy Does It” it started raining. And then pouring. So we stayed inside for a while wondering if we’d just wasted our money.

Finally we decided to brave the weather and head up the mountain anyway. There was a break in the rain as we ascended on the ski lift and the sky was pretty clear when we arrived at the top:


Then, on our second run from the top, it snowed. It was windy and the snow felt like cold sand blowing in our faces, but it was snow. And it was awesome. Khan said that it doesn’t often snow at Thredbo and it hardly ever snows that late in the season. So I was happy.

After snowboarding for a day and a half, I tried skiing. It was my first time, but I was able to pick up the basics (it’s much easier than snowboarding). Pointing my toes in and leaning down the mountain felt very weird after snowboarding; much less… elegant.

On the night of our last day on the slopes, we headed down to Jindabyne for Khan’s going away dinner. It was a nice change from eating out (which I’d been doing pretty much everyday on this trip); it felt good to be in a kitchen helping out (even if it was just cutting things up). His friends were warm and friendly, and it was a good night.

On our way back through Jindabyne, my brother, my sister, and I had lunch at a fish and chips shop with deep-fried Mars bars on the menu. I remember Steve telling me about deep-friend Mars bars (and their effect on the average life expectancy of people in Scotland). We ordered one to share. It was actually pretty good. Warm and gooey.


Due to how my flights panned out, I ended up with an extra day in Canberra. Khan, my brother, and I went to a Pitch and Putt course. It’s like golf, but the courses are smaller and you only use an iron and a putter. It’s better than Supa Golf… which is arguably the closest thing we have in Perth.


It was a great trip, but I’m also glad to be back. I feel rather invested in my work at Interzone Games and really wanted to get back into it when I returned.

Update: Although not “pitch and putt” (?), there is a par 3 golf course in WA!

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