OneTwenty back up!

OneTwenty has been down for around a week. I would have posted about this earlier… but it was down.

I really need to move the server somewhere other than… at home on my ADSL internet connection. It’s a bit too flaky really. This time my port on the Amcom DSLAM died and the new hardware they swapped in isn’t compatible with my router (so I had to get a new one). 🙁

2 thoughts on “OneTwenty back up!”

  1. could someone send the idea of a Smash Bros. Ds with wifi tournament. like there would be a tournament 3 times every month, and there would be a section that gives you a message that a tounament is at way, so when you cut on you ds and go to the game there would be a flashing letter telling you of the tournament. also it could be like a remake of the 64 version except a few more characters few more stages, and if possible a smash orb like in brawl if possible if not at least the the sticky bomb and dragoon items form brawl. and you could set the controls like sliding the DS pic up,down,left and right for attacks and combos. and it wouldnt even need brawl graphics it could have 64 graphics like super mario 64 DS did. please make this real NINTENDO, also 4 player and teams

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