Dreamcast reset issues resolved

Jim brought over his old Dreamcast so that we could check out the K-Project Beta. We then decided to play some old games such as: Daytona USA 2001, Marvel vs. Capcom, Space Channel 5, and Crazy Taxi.

Unfortunately, his Dreamcast kept randomly resetting. Irritated, we dug up my Dreamcast and gave that a go. Same problem! Ack! I know that this is a common issue and decided to check the Internet for a solution.

I came across various solutions involving different levels of screwdrivering and the like, but this solution stood out:

For those of you without the bandwidth to see the video; it basically indicates that you should give the Dreamcast a few quick smacks on the backside (“naughty console! stop resetting!”) to make it behave. It worked a treat!

Conclusion: Victory!

BTW: Crazy Taxi is still awesome!