Back from Melbourne

I learnt a few things while in Melbourne:

  • I could be happy living in an apartment (provided the strata allowed for cats).
  • The art collector market feels conservative and entirely self-perpetuating.
  • Artist run spaces tend to shut down over January.
  • I would like to find a good Sichuan restaurant in Perth. (Anyone?)

I ate at some good restaurants:

  • 1+1 Dumpling Noodles: Lamb skewers
  • Ants Bistro: The minister chicken is “very exciting!”
  • Dainty Sichuan: Garlic cucumber and chicken pieces in dry chilli
  • Nhu Lan: Vietnamese lunch rolls
  • (Dim sum place around the corner from 1+1): Gai Lan rice flour rolls
  • (Fancy restaurant chain from China): Pork and cucumber in chilli oil

And I took some photos:

Hmmm… I probably shouldn’t have made the photos so small…