Possible splash images

Another post with a lot of images, but I do feel that I’m nearing the end of my art kick. It’s probably because I’m feeling much less stressed and ready to get back to work. I guess that it’s served its purpose.

Anyhow, here are some potential onetwenty splash images in the “modern” (artsy) style people seemed to approve of on the wiki.

Warning: a lot more after the jump!

3 thoughts on “Possible splash images”

  1. Thanks.

    The first two photos are from when Meng and I visited the Sydney Opera House. I was a bit surprised by how different it looked (compared to how I remembered it). So I tried to capture what was different: the patterns and the on-the-scene view.

    I also have all of these in high-res (2560×1920) if anyone is interested.

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