XboxMove handheld console in full colour

As a follow-up to my previous two posts about the XboxMove, I’ve made a few mockups in full colour and with more details.

Here’s a concept image for promotional material (coincidentally, it’s the perfect aspect ratio for a desktop wallpaper):

More images and a full-size (1600×1200) version of this image after the jump.

Update: More recently, I’ve also made a PSP redesign. Please let me know what you think. 🙂

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XboxMove to the side

As a followup to my original XboxMove post, this image illustrates how the XboxMove screen flips out. It also shows how the handheld can stand at a slight angle from vertical when the screen is down.

Watch out for more detailed (non-diagrammatic) images of the XboxMove soon.

Update: Added new image. Moved old image to next page.

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This is my prediction for a possible Microsoft handheld device.

Much like my “reasonable” DS redesign which turned out to be pretty close, I tried to concentrate on style and features that would meet Microsoft’s objectives and also on what was possible and financially viable within the next year or so.

Clearly the things that they would want are:

  • Style: Complements the Xbox360 and reinforces the Xbox brand.
  • Functionality: Integrates with the “digital home”. Connects to Xbox Live.
  • Competition: Reduce the risk to competitor innovation.

Here’s a quick mockup just to get things started:

More images and in-depth discussion after the jump.

Update: Look out for a more detailed mockup within the next week!
Update: Added notes on interface.
Update: Added related links.

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Singstar Rocks!

Warning: This post contains gratuitous Australian cultural references.

The next version of Singstar will be “Singstar Rocks!”. Judging from the partial song list, it looks like it will contain fairly recent alt-pop-rock rather than 70-80’s glam or 80-90’s rock-and-roll.

Previous versions of Singstar have been localised for different regions. Here, the Australian version of Singstar Pop! includes songs from Shazza and Missy. I wonder if the local version of Singstar Rocks! will have a bit of Aussie Rock crammed in.

Unfortunately, it’s probably unlikely to contain old-school Barnsey or Farnsey. So you may be dissapointed if you’re looking for a working class man. Likewise, you might not want to sing even though “you’re the voice”. (Moan. Bad, bad humour. My apologies.)

The list already includes one Aussie number in “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” by Jet. I didn’t know that this made it big anywhere outside of Australia… did it?

How to return telephone calls (Part 2)

After numerous bad experiences with real-estate agents not getting back to me, I decided to create a brief pamphlet explaining the fine art of returning telephone calls.

Here is the result:

I think that I’ll keep this handy and send copies to companies whenever I’m on the receiving end of exceptionally poor service rather than informative return telephone calls.

How to return telephone calls (Part 1)

I’ve had to deal with many bad real-estate agents in the past few weeks. A number of which don’t seem to see a need to return our calls or even turn up to organised property inspections.

As a result, I’m creating a pamphlet entitled: Don’t be a tele-phoney, even you can learn how to return calls!.

Here’s a teaser:

I plan on sending these onto people who continually fail to return our calls. Maybe it will help them out. More likely, it will just make me feel a little better.

I should mention that not all real-estate agents we have dealt with have been bad. In particular, we found Ali from GOW Real Estate to be very professional.

Update: Images created using content from It’s a growing resource of public domain vector graphics. Check it out!