XboxMove to the side

As a followup to my original XboxMove post, this image illustrates how the XboxMove screen flips out. It also shows how the handheld can stand at a slight angle from vertical when the screen is down.

Watch out for more detailed (non-diagrammatic) images of the XboxMove soon.

Update: Added new image. Moved old image to next page.

Here is a diagram of how the unit looks from the side in each of it’s different “modes”.

2 thoughts on “XboxMove to the side”

  1. Why is the top half not the same shape as the bottom half? Thinking about all the flip products I have seen in the past, both sections are usually the same shape.

  2. I wanted it to be slightly curved at the bottom so that it would be a (bit) more ergonomic. It also makes it look more like the Xbox360 controller.

    The problem was that if the unit is curved where the screen comes down, the screen can’t flip over and be flush on both sides.

    So, I made a flat area where the screen is and a slightly curved area outside of that.

    (Also if you look at the DS, the top and bottom aren’t really matched.)

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