Gameboy micro only $98 AU!

Note: For those from the U.S.A., that’s around $73 US!

I first saw them for $99 (platinum and black only) at EB, but then looked around to find it elsewhere (or ask somewhere else to price match). I avoid EB like the plague! I finally found them for $98 at Big-W and at that price, I picked up a red one 😀

So that’s my mini-review of the Gameboy micro. It looks cool, feels nice, has a nice screen, and is very cheap (at the moment). Is it worth buying if you already have a Gameboy Advance SP? Probably not, the screen is smaller and the shoulder buttons aren’t as nice. Is it worth buying if you don’t have a Gameboy Advance or an original Gameboy Advance? Yes. At this price, yes it is.

Conclusion: Recommended (if you don’t already have an SP).

More details and images after the jump.

I was very impressed with the overall look and build quality, and the screen is every bit as nice as online reviews proport it to be.

Something that I wasn’t expecting was that it also comes with this neat little sachel that seems to be made of the perfect material for wiping finger prints off the screen:

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  1. Don’t u already own a gameboy advance, gameboy advance SP and a DS??? Why would you buy a mini when u already have THREE devices capable of playing GBA games?

    Clearly u have too much money and should hence give it to me.

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