Where is our freaking air conditioner?

Over a week later and we’re still waiting on our air conditioner.

Thankfully it’s been fairly cool recently. Oh wait a minute, it hasn’t! In fact, it’s been stinking hot and today it’s humid as well (although admittedly not as hot).

Here’s a brief timeline of events that may make you reconsider buying large items from eBay:

  • February 13: Win bid and inquire about shipping costs.
  • February 20: Finally get shipping costs and pay immediately.
  • March 8: Unit still hasn’t arrived. Last possible day given 10 day maximum (3-4 days expected) shipping.

We probably wouldn’t so be irate if there weren’t such big delays in communication; 7 days to get a shipping price!? Plus, our recent e-mails have gone unanswered. Who knows what is going on…

Although almost unheard of on eBay*, we’re definitely giving negative feedback.

* Seriously, I’ve seen people give neutral feedback with comments like “sent to wrong address 2 weeks late”.

One thought on “Where is our freaking air conditioner?”

  1. Ah yes, the pitfalls of eBay… You have to weigh up and decide whether the monetary saving is worth the long delays and potential risk. Overall my experiences have been good but if you need something quickly, forget about it!

    I think a lot of people assume something is cheap just because it’s on eBay, when the item can often be found for a better price elsewhere (and without the risk). It pays to do some research!

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