The technology behind Shadow of the Colossus

This article covers a lot of technology including: HDR effects, level-of-detail, stencil-buffer shadows, motion blur, collision detection, inverse kinematics, and fur rendering. A very, very good read.

It’s rare to see a detailed technical article like this from such a high profile game developer on the web. I strongly recommend that all the games/graphics programmers reading this check it out.

Update: It’s interesting to note that the main character is modelled as a sphere for collision detection.

2 thoughts on “The technology behind Shadow of the Colossus”

  1. Very interesting read indeed. There is a lot of technology there that I didn’t notice, but it certainly adds to the overall game.

    I’ve never noticed any slowdown either… which is peculiar, since I’m generally quite sensitive to it. I did however, notice when the backgrounds change LOD.

    In any case, excellent game. I’m almost finished. 🙂

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