The Wave

“The Wave” is a bit like a skateboard, but it only has two wheels and is meant to feel more like surfing or snowboarding. There’s a brief review on and a bunch of action videos on the manufacturer homepage.

It’s a stupid name, obviously coined so that they could use the phrase “Learn to ride The Wave” (groan). It was previously called the “X-board”. Regardless, I think that I want one.

I recall seeing them for sale locally for around $100 (although I could be wrong about the price).

Update: I found an image on the Amazon product page

Update: I found another review here. It looks like it is called the essboard in Korea and the ex-board in the UK

Update: It’s called the vigorboard here and they sell for $199 (although it’s billed as $50 off the RRP of $249). They are apparantly conducting market testing in Bunbury.

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  1. Hey, I saw these in a Mirrabooka sports store this evening. I stopped for a moment and looked at the name. It was something like laser-board or ultra-board, I can’t remember exactly.

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