Hair from PurePwnage selling for $4,300 (US)

That’s over $6000 (AU)! There’s still one day left, so get your bids in… or not… because you have better things to spend your money on.

It’s interesting that in the bid history there are a number of rejected bids for less than the current amount with “Please contact seller with evidence demonstrating the bid is serious” as the reason for cancellation. I guess they never expected it to get this high!

The in joke

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, this item is a reference to the latest episode of gaming mockumentary PurePwnage in which the main character decides to sell his hair on Ebay to make some money. I think he said something like “That’s a great idea! I grow my hair back for free!”

Another reference to that episode is this notice on the Ebay listing: “Jeremy has not balled-rubbed the bandana, but will do so upon request for no additional fee.”