PGR3 impressions

I saw Project Gotham Racing 3 for XBOX 360 at GameTraders on the weekend. Here are my thoughts. (This will be much shorter than my Fight Night Round 3 impressions).

“What’s with the load time? What’s with the jaggies? Is that sky a low colour depth texture? What’s with the choppy framerate when the GUI pops up?”

Maybe they should have spent less time on crowd simulation and more time on just getting the overall look right. PGR3 looks good in some small details. In contrast, Gran Turismo 4 looks great in the big picture.

Note: Why all this talk on graphics and no word on gameplay? The graphics are used as the key selling point, and realistic racing games don’t really appeal to me gameplay-wise.

One thought on “PGR3 impressions”

  1. Yeah, I walked by PGR3 before as well…. 20 seconds later I walked away….

    Nothing special there impressed me. Graphics not overly good – and I thought to see it in motion would change my mind – it didn’t.

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