Hypes are so hot right now

I generally don’t comment on trends in fashion, but sometimes some things become hard to avoid (like cargo pants back in the day), and it makes me feel like saying something.

Anyhow, here it is: Hypes (Horizontal Stripes) are so hot right now.

No barrier to entry!

They’re seriously everywhere. It looks like the emos brought it back from rock fashion inspired by the Ramones (in combination with skinny pipe jeans… heheh, “hypes and pipes”) and it’s spread like wildfire. It seems to know no social or age barriers. There are emo stripes, metro stipes, golf shirt stripes… the list keeps going. Whether it’s socks, shirts, or sweaters, hypes are everywhere.

What else is hot?!

Continuing with the pseudo-emo trend being followed in the clothing lines picked up by major retailers (it’s just like the “citrus colours” wave from a few years ago), we’re also being subject to a lot of simple colours (black, white, and red) and simple shapes (stripes, dots, and spots).

I don’t know if this is a knee-jerk reaction to the ridiculously busy clothing that came about with “directional streetwear”, but it has led me to design the hottest pattern for today’s fashion-conscious trend-setter (follower… what’s the difference?). I present “spotted hypes” in red, white and black:

Um… just picture the dots to be more uniform and the sketch to be more “good” looking in general…

Play at Home!

Heidi and I have a game; when we see someone wearing horizontal stripes we say “hypes” and punch the other person on the arm (except without the punching because Heidi doesn’t really like that). We stopped playing the game last week because in a trip to the city we spent most of our time saying “Hypes!”.

Ignore the exclaimation point, we don’t yell it out to embarass anyone. It’s like that Volkswagon Beetle game people used to play when I was in school.