7 thoughts on “Requiem for a Dream”

  1. Huey: That’s pretty much the reaction most people have when I mention I just saw it and they recall seeing it.

    Judging from the impact the film had me (and pretty much all other people I’ve talked about it to), I’d say it’s an incredibly successful piece. It was shocking without relying on schlock visuals (most of the drug-taking and sex scenes are off-camera or heavily stylised).

  2. I’ve seen that film. Well, shows you drugs don’t pay off. Felt sorry for the 3rd friend (the black guy) who got caught up in it all and pretty much ended up on the roadside.

  3. I recently read a review of the collectors’ edition DVD. It went something like:

    It’s a good DVD, but I’m not sure who it’s aimed at. Collectors’ editions are normally for people who have seen the movie before. Seeing Requiem once is worthwhile, seeing it twice is masochistic!

  4. Well, given the way the market is going, DVD’s will by default be “collectors editions” since only collectors buy them. Everyone else will rent (online or offline) or watch at the movies eventually.

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