Added “Took Be Gi” page to “Places to Eat” guide

I added a subpage for Took Be Gi to my Places to Eat guide. Hopefully, it’s the first of many (okay, at least a few) subpages with details for my favourite restuarants.

Took Be Gi was always going to be the first restaurant that I would create an individual page for. After all, it’s my absolute favourite place to eat in Perth! The staff are incredibly friendly and the food is excellent. The only shortcoming is that it’s very small, but they can acommodate larger groups (8-10) if you are willing to wait outside or come back later. If you do go and check out Took Be Gi (or if you have already been there), feel free to leave your thoughts on that page.

I’m trying to work out a standard format for the restaurant pages. In particular, I want to try to make it easy for people to find the restaurants. I’ve had a play around with the Google Maps API and I’m going to try to embed maps. I’ve also got to remember to take my camera when I go out to eat! Just having a photo of the sign outside the restaurant should make it much easier to find. 🙂