Wii remote replacement wrist straps

Probably to curb initial problems with broken wrist straps, flying remotes, and the resulting property damage, Nintendo Australia is replacing Wii remote wrist straps. Apparantly this only affects people who got one of the first batch of consoles released in Australia. That means… me and Jason!

I know that the remote that came with my Wii has one of the older (thinner… more flimsy) straps, because it really stands out when placed side-by-side with the Wii remote that came with Wii Play. In fact, it looks pretty much just like the picture in this screengrab of the strap replacement information website:


Guess I’ll be asking for a replacement… or I’ll just not bother. I still don’t have my replacement XBOX power supply (on account of my inaction… I always turn it off at the wall anyway).

One thought on “Wii remote replacement wrist straps”

  1. I’m not going to bother. 😛 It’ll be a good excuse to get a new TV anyway.

    Seriously though, I’ve had at least 10 people play with the Wiimotes and haven’t had a problem yet. I really don’t see the need to change it. 🙂

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