4 thoughts on “Cheap PS3s in Perth ($799)”

  1. Damn, now that’s a good price. I’d be tempted to get one if it weren’t for that fact that i’m waiting for them to release a model with the 65nm Cell chips. I know i’m late but hanks for writing about GO3 like i requested ^^

  2. Only $799? sounds like a low price, but i don’t think that the PS controllers and games style are quite much fun. I put a $20 deposit to get one of the first copies of MassEffect when it arrives in Australia, expected some time this quarter, but when will BioWare nominate a release date?

  3. $799 seems to be the “median” market price on eBay right now. (Though, you can luck out and get it from $700 – $750). Maybe Sony should take a hint? These days best to get one, run GNU/Linux for a nice media center setup while waiting for games to catch up. Or buy/sell once the 0.65’s are out.

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