It’s time to go home (songs)

Jim and I carpool into work, and often (at the end of each day) someone has to suggest that it’s time to go home (because the other person is engrossed in work).

The other day, I decided that this suggestion needs to be a musical affair and performed the following to the tune of Europe‘s “Final Countdown“:

It’s time to go-o home, na na na nar, nananununar

Not very cerebral, but a decent match to the tune. It would suffice… for a while.

Later that day I realised that Steve Dorff and John Bettis’ “As Long As We Got Each Other” (the theme song to 80’s sitcom Growing Pains) provides the perfect tune for a it’s-to-go-home song. So the following day, I reminded Jim that it was time to go by singing:

It’s time to go home again
Don’t waste another minute on your coding
With or without you Jim
The trip is ready to begin

Oooohhh, as long as you keep on working
There is no way that I can head on home
Captain, you and me, we gotta be
Heading home now as quick as can be

As long as you keep on stalling
You’re stopping me from being on my way
Captain, all the time, rain or shine
We carpool together, sharing all the petrol costs

I don’t expect that I will top that; so there will be no more going home songs. Although I’m definitely open to suggestions!

Update: Just in case anyone was wondering, one of Jim’s (many) nicknames is “The Captain”. Oh, and we’re programmers (hence the “coding” reference).

Video of the Growing Pains opening after the jump.