Jinh & Tonic

I’ve previously joked with Jim, Minh, and Tone that if we ever start a company, we should call it “Jinh & Tonic”.

This time I went so far as to make a logo:


I reckon it’s classy. Tone reckons it’s “kinda gay”. I don’t like the term “kinda gay” since it implies a negative value judgement on homosexuality… and now I’ve just made this post a little too serious.

Anyhow, I like the logo. It’s classy. Like a James Bond film. Misogynistic and glamourising alcohol, smoking, and gambling. Hmmm… too serious again…

One thought on “Jinh & Tonic”

  1. Depends what the company is… as a computing related company I don’t think the name fits, unless you’re building auto-mixers for bars.

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