I felt awful after being a jerk to Heidi the other day, and (while she was at work) I spent the afternoon trying to figure out how to show that I was sorry.

I tried the following things:

  • I bought flowers and set them in the vase on the dining table
  • I cleaned the mysterious black mark on the floor
  • I polished the (chalky) olives we collected from the garden
  • I bought milk (which I often forget) and hot-cross buns (Heidi loves them)
  • I cleaned the house (a bit)

Here are some photos of things that I tried (because I like photos):


They all seemed like not quite enough (even when combined into a sort of composite apology). Finally (in desperation), I drew this picture of Kevin Rudd:


I figured that he’s good at saying “sorry” when others fail to do so properly, and he sounds sincere when talking about committment. Sigh.

When I picked Heidi up from work she was just happy to see me (even before I showed her the picture of Kevin). She’s wonderful.