(Minor) OneTwenty design update

We decided to put something a little more meaningful on the main OneTwenty website and also created a logo for our planet.

Here’s a screengrab of the new homepage:


Thanks to Jim for all the html and css work.

In related news, moonmoon is easy to administer (no cron required), looks nice, properly handles embedded videos, and is very easy to theme.

Any PIGMI members out there think Planet PIGMI should make the switch? 😉

5 thoughts on “(Minor) OneTwenty design update”

  1. Just tried to install moonmoon, but getting an error on both the index.php and install.php. Did you have any trouble installing it? Just wondering if it’s my host or perhaps a dodgey download.. :/

  2. What version are you running? just tried 8.12. Wget’d the download link and unzip’d via putty. Keep getting an error on the index.php about an unexpected ‘=’ on line 42…

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