Note: Sorry if you find these photos a little gross!

Mao caught a baby mouse last night. She staked out a gap between the floorboards for two hours – waiting intently for the mouse to reappear. When it did, she caught it, killed it and presented it to us:

dscf3923 (Modified in GIMP Image Editor)

When Heidi saw how small the mouse was, she noted that “if there’s one baby mouse, there’s bound to be more”. Today, Moa caught three more mice. I put them into a plastic container with an air-hole in the top:

dscf3938 (Modified in GIMP Image Editor)

I’m not sure what to do with them (or rather I don’t really want to do it). I’m fine with killings things when they are injured, but Mao brings them in alive and (generally) unharmed. On the other hand, it’s bad to release them anywhere in Australia (they’re pests in both urban and rural areas). We definitely don’t want them multiplying further.

Whoa, Mao found another one while I was writing this post! She didn’t catch it though. Blech; it’s an awful feeling knowing that there’s a mouse crawling around your house somewhere.

Update: Moa caught the forth one. I imagine that there’s probably more. Not too concerned since I don’t see them bothering us much with Mao around.
Update: Five. I also heard some giddy screaming from the neighbours – maybe they have seen mice as well.
Update: Six? Six!?! This is nuts.
Update: Seven…
Update: NINE!?! Is this for serious? Looks like some sort of infestation – but then again, Mao brings them in from outside.

8 thoughts on “Mice”

  1. Awesome. Can I hire your cat?

    I’m plagued with mice, and _rats_. I live in the hills, so we get a lot more wildlife than the burbs. I’ve seriously considered getting a cat to help control the problem…

    1. I imagine that Mao would have a field day in the hills, but I’d be concerned about native wildlife… maybe if you kept her inside. We put two bells on her collar so that birds can hear her coming (she worked out how to move without making a sound when wearing only one bell).

      Maybe you should rescue a kitten. They’re great companions. 😉

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