Simon’s art exhibition tonight

Simon‘s first solo art exhibition, entitled “Apple Cider Tea Party“, is on from 6:30pm tonight at HQ in Leederville (the YMCA building next to the skate park near the train station; it’s the same venue as our joint exhibition back in May).

He’s been promoting it pretty hard on facebook and his blog (and he’s got some coverage in print media), but I figured that another reminder from me couldn’t hurt. I also wanted to share a few thoughts on creativity, art, and self-direction.

To me, the greatest thing about Simon’s art is that he’s able to express very raw, honest, and unpretentious reflections of both himself and what he’s trying to capture. His work is explosive and colourful, but also balanced and thoughtful. He manages to de-construct his subject matter with natural immediacy – rather than prolonged and exhaustive introspection that whittles away at the soul of the work.

He announced the exhibition on the PIGMI mailing list with this flyer:

Art-Exhibition---ACTP-Web flyer

My immediate response was:

Birds? Lightning? Berets?! Hive 5s!!! FREE?!?!

This is going to be the best exhibition that Perth HAS EVER SEEN! I’m
going to stop by twice ON THE SAME NIGHT!

Overzealous? Possibly. Disingenuous? Not at all!

I honestly cannot recommend this exhibition enough. It will be unlike anything you have ever seen, and you should definitely do whatever you can to make it down tonight or over the weekend.