The Dream

I was driving home today when I suddenly realised:

Holy crap. I’m living The Dream.

Just try to imagine that thought coupled with a surprised expression followed by a giddy smile. I guess that I really didn’t see it coming!

I think it hit me today because, well, today was a very good day:

  • I woke up with new ideas for the anaglyph print that I’m preparing for next week’s Summer exhibition, and I was able to quickly modify the source images and rewrite my code to get exactly the look I wanted!
  • My sister drove me down to docuprint to pick up some mounted prints of my artwork. I wasn’t sure exactly how they would turn out, but I was relieved that they look fantastic! πŸ˜‰
  • We casually stopped by the Freo markets to have some of WA’s best ramen (apparently certified by Kevin Rudd) and some crepes. (I also picked up cans of TaB and Dr. Pepper for the office.)
  • I headed into Beyond Motion, where I’m working with a small team to develop a game prototype. Buddhi, who runs Beyond Motion, is incredibly passionate about 3D modelling and animation, but also happy to leave game design, programming, and art to others! πŸ˜€

My life has become all about independent art and game development (… and food.)

I know that it’s not everyone’s dream, but it’s pretty close to what I’ve always wanted – at least from professional and creative (and culinary) perspectives. πŸ˜€

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