Summer exhibition opening tonight!

The Summer exhibition is opening tonight, so make your way down to Little Creatures from 6pm tonight (Tuesday, 22 December). I’m really looking forward to seeing what the other artists have put together.

I get the feeling (based on what I hear from Simon and read in the Xpress magazine article) that there should be quite a range of art representing contrasting impressions of summer. I’m expecting to see a good-natured collective love/hate relationship – but I won’t really know until I see it all come together!

That’s what I love about exhibitions compared to the stuff you put out there as you go. There’s usually a concerted effort to hold things back until opening night. This creates a sense of suspense about what is going to be revealed and how it’s all going to turn out – as an attendee, you get to see a bunch of art that you haven’t seen before and work out how you feel about it right then and there.

I don’t want too give much away (and ruin the impact of the exhibition) but here’s a teaser portion of one of my pieces:


You may also have seen something of Simon’s work in press coverage of the event… come on down to see the rest! Hope to see you down there tonight. šŸ˜‰

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